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Creating Bullyproof Schools

Anti-Bullying Professional Development Teacher Training

In this session Tom Thelen, author of Victimproof, unpacks the secret to helping students break out of the bullying cycle. As a student Tom was bullied, but thanks to one teacher he discovered how to become “Victimproof,” a concept rooted in resiliency and grit. Today Tom speaks internationally to educators showing how “bullying awareness policies” are not enough and advocating that schools must take a more proactive approach to social and emotional learning programs. Tom is the creator of the nationally recognized Victimproof Program, a Multi-tiered System of Support that helps prevent bullying and create a positive school climate.

Educators Will Learn…
  • How to describe the National Bullying Definition from StopBullying.gov.
  • How to define the 4 Types of Bullying in Schools.
  • How to illustrate the new challenges of cyberbullying – The New Playground.
  • How to identify the “victim mentality” and promote resiliency in students.
  • How to write a 3-Step Action Plan for a Multi-tiered System of Supports.