Victimproof Teacher’s Guide


The Victimproof Teacher’s Guide is a supplement to the Victimproof Book and DVD Curriculum.  It contains 30 No-Prep Lesson Plans to go with each of the Victimproof Video Lessons (DVD sold separately).  Each Lesson Plan starts with a list of Supplies Needed (common items from your classroom: paper, pencils, whiteboard, etc.) and then it explains the specific Learning Objectives for that lesson.  From there the group leader (a teacher, students, or adult sponsor) leads the group in the Discussion Questions and the Group Activities to make the lesson connect.  Finally, an optional Individual Assignment is included at the end of each Lesson Plan.  The Victimproof program can be accomplished in a small or large group setting or even as a self-guided course.  (Paperback, 65 pages.)

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