School District Membership (Monthly)


The School District Membership includes access for all the students, parents, and educators of up to five schools to use the Online Program. The technology works great on all devices: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Tablets, and Android.  Membership includes digital access to the entire Victimproof Curriculum:

  • Victimproof eBook by Tom Thelen
  • Victimproof Videos: 30 Short Video Lessons
  • Victimproof Teacher’s Guide: 30 Lesson Plans
  • Live Victimproof Webcasts with Tom Thelen
  • Bullying Prevention Plan Downloads
  • Anti-Bullying Poster Downloads and More!

Purchase a Yearly Membership and we will ship you these Free Bonus Products:

  • Five Copies:  Victimproof Book by Tom Thelen
  • Five Copies:  Victimproof DVD Curriculum with 30 Video Lessons
  • Five Copies:  Victimproof Teacher’s Guide with 30 Lesson Plans

Price is $199/month or the discounted rate of $1,999/year.  Stay in the program as long as you want or cancel at any time.  This product provides a digital membership in an online program that users access from their own devices (iPads are not included).  The Free Bonus Products above are included in the yearly membership, but they are not included in the monthly membership.

The District Membership includes five “shared logins” which are accessible by up to 1,000 simultaneous users each (up to five schools times 1,000 users each).  A shared login is a username and password that is used by multiple people at the same time.  This makes the program easy to use, since you do not need to create individual logins for each student.  When you sign up you will create your own username and password that you will not share with anyone.  After activating your membership, you can login to your account and then create up to five “shared logins” with new usernames and passwords to share with your five schools.