Mental Health 101 (Book)


Mental Health 101 For Teens: The Practical Guide to Mental Health, Self-Esteem, & Emotional Intelligence shows teens how to cope with heightened stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19. Written by a diverse team of experts, Mental Health 101 gives teens important life skills like…

• Self-Esteem
• Emotional Intelligence
• Coping Skills
• Resiliency, and more!

90% of teens in the U.S. are never taught basic mental health skills at school, such as how to cope with anxiety or what to do if you feel depressed. We assume kids will learn coping skills at home, but many of them never do.

COVID-19 is causing more social isolation than ever before. Stress, anxiety, and suicide rates are at record highs. 20% of U.S. teens live with a diagnosable mental illness, but only half of them (meaning 10% of all students) will ever get professional help.

Today’s teens need a clear map to navigate the difficult challenges of life, relationships, and social media. Mental Health 101 shows teens how to make positive choices and how to get help from a trusted adult when needed.

(Paperback Book, 219 pages.)

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