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Guest Speaker for Native American Events

Hi, I’m Tom Thelen, author of the book “Victimproof.” One of my greatest honors is being a frequent guest speaker at Native American events on the topics of Bullying Prevention, Suicide Prevention, and Mental Health. I’ve spoken at over 500 schools and conferences across America. My message of becoming “Victim-Proof” focuses on bullying prevention and suicide prevention for Native American Youth. I love showing students, educators, and parents how to break the cycle of victimization and how to “be the change” in their world.

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I’m not a Native American, and I don’t pretend to know what it’s like. But I do know this…

As a frequent guest speaker for Native American Tribes, my message has been proven to relate to everyone in the room. You can hear a pin drop because audiences of all ages can “see themselves” in my story. And when they make that connection, they apply it to their own lives.

I love being a guest speaker for Native American Youth Events because of my passion for preserving their culture and for helping all people overcome the obstacles they face. As a student, I experienced severe bullying at school and even at home with my own father. Thankfully one teacher stepped in and taught me how to become resilient and how to achieve better mental health. I learned that when I talked through my struggles with a trusted adult, I could finally break free from bullying and from thoughts of suicide. Even though I had been victimized in the past, I didn’t have to stay a victim forever. That was my choice all along. And over time, by talking it out it with a counselor, I broke free.

Some of The Tribes I’ve Spoken To:

– The Seminole Tribe of Florida 

– The Sisseton Tribe of South Dakota 

– The Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma 

– The Spokane Tribe in Washington 

– The Umpqua Tribe in Oregon 

– The First Nations of Canada 

– The Aroostook Band of Micmacs in Maine 

– The Sitka Tribe in Alaska 

– The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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"Tom Thelen brought his passion to our community and opened up the eyes of both the youth and adults. Bullying has been an issue for a lot of youth across our reservation, and Tom certainly delivered while keeping the audience engaged with his empowering words."

– Derrick McCauley, Youth Director | Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, Lake Traverse Indian Reservation, Sisseton S.D.

"Thank you for being the keynote speaker at 4-H Round-Up. I heard many positive comments from youth and adults about how they liked your message and tips regarding how they can be a change agent in their school and community to reduce bullying. Your energy helped set the stage for this early teen-aged conference."

– Tony Carrell, Purdue University, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development

"Tom’s inspirational program has been a catalyst for the implementation of the anti-bullying plans of the district."

– Dr. Larry Lusk, Dyer County Schools, TN
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