How I Became Victimproof

It’s easy to think that people have always been who they are today. The cool kids have always been cool. The bullies have always been bullies. But it’s not true. The bullies of today might have been the victims of yesterday. This video tells the story of how I moved from being a victim of bullying to becoming a bully myself (and at the time I didn’t even realize it). And ultimately it tells how I broke free from my hurts and became victimproof.

This is a heart and mind shift, and it can happen to you too. Inside you. It starts by recognizing one thing: you might get bullied, but you don’t have to be a victim. So when you start to think about your hurts, when you start to dwell on the pain, whisper this to yourself: I might get bullied, but I don’t have to be a victim. For a limited time you can download my new book on this topic 100% free at Check it out!