The Bullying Prevention Professional Development Program provides Educators and Parents with practical strategies for ending bullying and cyberbullying in homes, schools, and communities. Author Tom Thelen uncovers the reasons why so many anti-bullying programs are not solvent in preventing bullying. He goes on to describe practical strategies that empower students to “Be The Change” at school, at home, and online. Click here to preview the presentation: Bullying Prevention Strategies That Work.

Many schools understand that bullying is a growing problem, but they fail to give teachers and parents the necessary tools to end bullying from the inside out – tools that begin with students being the change.

This interactive anti-bullying training can be presented as a teacher in-service training or as an after school program for parents and teachers alike. Schools that schedule Tom Thelen for multiple speeches (Anti-Bullying Assemblies and Teacher Trainings) enjoy the benefit of reduced pricing when the events are scheduled on the same day.


Teachers and Parents will learn…

  • How to recognize and respond to bullying
  • Practical steps and tools for preventing cyberbullying
  • How to empower students who are experiencing bullying
  • How to identify if your student is being bullied or being the bully
  • How to empower students to drop the victim mindset.