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Be The Change (Bullying Focus)

Anti-Bullying Speaker for Middle School Assemblies

Teens are tired of hearing the same old “Don’t Be a Bully” message, and that’s why this session has become Tom’s most requested speech – because it comes from a totally unexpected place. Tom takes students on a journey through his own life story showing how his reaction to bullying led to a victim mindset. Thankfully one teacher stepped in and helped him become “Victimproof.” Tom discovered how to stop giving bullies the negative attention they were looking for, and more importantly, how “emotional intelligence” can empower all of us to “Be The Change.” Students and educators alike have praised this program for being a fresh perspective on bullying prevention.  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to identify bullying and how to respond with respect
  • How to break free from bullying and develop emotional intelligence
  • How to have positive self-esteem in any situation
  • When to “Be The Change” at their school

Cyberbullying Stops Here

Cyberbullying Prevention Speaker for Middle School Assemblies

Social Media Addiction and Cyberbullying are two of the most significant challenges students face today. How do teens know when they’re spending too much time online? And how should they respond to cyberbullying? In this interactive speech Tom challenges students to “hold the phone” and to stop and think before they respond on social media. Tom shares real life stories of “online-life” in a way that connects with students and makes them laugh. His presentation shows them when and how to speak up online, and it motivates them to “Be The Change!”  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to use Tom’s “Top 5 Tips for Social Media Success”
  • How to stop and think before posting (or responding) online
  • How to develop emotional intelligence and become “Victimproof”
  • When and how to report cyberbullying to a trusted adult

Be The Change (Leadership Focus)

Youth Speaker for Middle School Assemblies

How can ordinary students turn into extraordinary leaders? In this leadership presentation Tom shows students how the painful experiences of life can be used as opportunities to grow in leadership. He takes them on a journey through his own life story including a counseling program he went to as a teen and how he learned to use self-discipline to overcome great adversity. Toward the end of the speech Tom shows a short video about the Freedom Riders, highlighting how they faced their fears and created a positive impact on American culture. Tom challenges teens to stop wandering through life and find a cause to serve that is “greater than self”  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to use self-discipline to build positive character in their lives
  • How to move from being a Wanderer and an Explorer, to a Follower and a Leader
  • How to turn painful past experiences into opportunities for personal growth
  • How to “Be The Change” on their campus

Be The Change (Character Focus)

Motivational Speaker for Middle School Assemblies

Positive school culture isn’t built by posters and t-shirts alone. Instead, it comes from the attitudes and actions of every person in the school. In this session Tom shows students how they can “Be The Change” on campus. When they see something that needs to change, that’s when they need to “be the change.” And that means taking positive action so everyone knows they matter at school. Using his personal life story, Tom shows how character is built by the small choices we make every day and how making these positive choices is the key to creating a culture of character.  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to make positive choices that lead to positive character
  • How to use self-discipline to overcome great adversity
  • How to have positive self-esteem in any situation
  • How to “Be The Change” and create a culture of kindness at their school
Tom Thelen’s Middle School Assembly Programs are complimentary with the following evidence-based programs for bullying prevention, cyberbullying prevention, positive school culture, and mental health school assembly programs and frameworks. Tom will work with your school to create a custom school assembly program that is culturally responsive and age appropriate for your audience. Tom is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and he presents in a way that is applicable to every person in the room.