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Bullying Stops Here

(Anti-Bullying Speaker for Lower or Upper Elementary)

So many kids throw the “bullying flag” without really understanding what bullying is (and what it isn’t). In Bullying Stops Here, Tom presents the topic in a way that kids can understand and can immediately apply to their lives. Using his own story he shows how giving bullies a negative reaction only adds fuel to the fire. And more importantly, he gives them practical steps for how to respond with respect, so students learn how to speak up for themselves and for others. When students discover the power of being an “upstander” they start to prevent bullying at their school.  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to understand the bullying definition from
  • How to identify the four types of bullying
  • How to speak up with respect (for themselves and for others)
  • When to get help from a trusted adult

Creating a Culture of Character

Character Speaker for Lower or Upper Elementary

Positive school culture isn’t built by posters and t-shirts alone. Instead, it comes from the attitudes and actions of every person in the school. In this session Tom shows students how to “Be The Change” on their campus. When they see something that needs to change, that’s when they need to “be the change.” And that means taking positive action so everyone knows they matter at school. Using his personal life story Tom shows how character is built by the little choices we make every day and how making these positive choices is the key to Creating a Culture of Character.  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Your Students Will Learn…
  • How to make positive choices that lead to positive character
  • How to identify bullying and how to respond with respect
  • How to have positive self-esteem in any situation
  • When to “Be The Change” at their schoo
Tom Thelen’s Elementary School Assembly Programs are complimentary with the following evidence-based programs for bullying prevention, cyberbullying prevention, positive school culture, and mental health school assembly programs and frameworks. Tom will work with your school to create a custom school assembly program that is culturally responsive and age appropriate for your audience. Tom is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and he presents in a way that is applicable to every person in the room.