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Raising Victimproof Kids

Anti-Bullying Parent Program

Raising emotionally healthy kids is one of the biggest challenges of parenthood, and it starts with a healthy home environment. In this presentation Tom unpacks “The Secret to Raising Victimproof Kids.” As a father of four, Tom shows parents how to empower their children to break out of the bullying cycle. He goes on to show how anxiety from the family can accidentally transfer into our children and result in bullying and victimization at school. The challenge for parents is to deal with the normal stress of life in a healthy way and to create a calm home environment where kids feel safe.  View Tom’s Press Pack »

Parents Will Learn…
  • How to identify bullying and the four types as defined by
  • When to intervene and when to empower kids to speak up for themselves
  • How to teach kids to be resilient in the face of adversity
  • How to build a healthy, non-anxious home environment