Anti-Bullying Speaker
Tom Thelen - Author of Victimproof

The Victimproof Anti-Bullying Program

Tom Thelen’s Victimproof School Assembly helps students end bullying and cyberbullying from the inside out. The program teaches students the Top Three SOLUTIONS FOR STUDENTS to prevent bullying and cyberbullying (Become Victimproof, Set Boundaries, and Be The Change). At the heart of the Anti-BullyingAssembly are practical steps for students to build self-esteem, develop resiliency, and establish a culture of kindness at their school. Youth Speaker Tom Thelen tells the story of how he was bullied as a young teen, and how his poor choices led to self-destructive behavior. Thankfully the guidance of one teacher helped turn his life around. Click here to read an excerpt from Tom’s new book: Victimproof.

Bullying, violence, depression, and other at risk behaviors have one thing in common – a lack of character in the lives of students. This interactive school assembly program gives students the tools to overcome bullying with peer leadership, positive choices, and character development. The program is designed to comply with national standards and research-based programs for bullying and cyberbullying prevention. Upon conclusion, teachers are given a sheet of discussion questions for follow-up in the classroom as well as access to a 12-month video curriculum follow up program. Preview the follow up program at


Your students will learn…

  • How to recognize bullying, as defined by StopBullying.Gov.
  • When to stand up, when to walk away, and when to tell a trusted adult.
  • Practical steps for building self-esteem and developing resiliency.
  • How to prevent bullying through peer leadership and school culture.
  • How to “BE THE CHANGE” on their school campus.

The Victimproof Anti-Bullying Program is designed to comply with the following national standards and research-based programs for character education, bullying prevention, and cyberbullying prevention: