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Who is Tom Thelen?

Speaker Tom Thelen is the Founder of the Victimproof Bullying Prevention Program. As one of America’s top youth motivational speakers, he has spoken at over 500 schoolscolleges, and youth organizations. His message helps schools create a positive culture and shows students how to BE THE CHANGE. Tom has been featured on FOX, CBS, PBS, The National Association of Student Councils, The National Honor Society, as well as Student Conferences for 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, and YMCA.

In 2005, Tom completed his bachelor’s degree and began working at a non-profit youth organization where he honed his skills as a youth speaker and began writing his first book, TEEN LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION. Since the publishing of his second book, VICTIMPROOF, he has become a leading voice in preventing bullying and creating a positive school climate.

Tom’s anti-bullying school assembly program takes students on a journey through his own life story – a normal “face in the crowd” kid who never struggled with drugs or alcohol, but instead lived with a victim mindset. Thankfully one teacher stepped in and helped him break free from the bullying cycle. Today, Tom travels America showing students how to stand up to bullying and how to “BE THE CHANGE” on their campus. His live event comes with the 30-PART VICTIMPROOF VIDEO CURRICULUM and the accompanying TEACHERS GUIDE which serves as a 12-month follow-up program. View Tom’s PDF Bio Here.

What is Victimproof?

Victimproof is a social-emotional learning program for upper elementary through high school students. The program helps students take responsibility for their choices and create a positive culture at their school. Victimproof dovetails nicely with many of the leading Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, such as PBIS, Character Counts, and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

The Victimproof topics go beyond bullying with lessons on essential skills such as respect, responsibility, self-esteem, and self-discipline. Educators and parents agree: Victimproof connects with the hearts of students and inspires them toward positive life choices. Includes:

  • Victimproof eBook for Students by Tom Thelen
  • Victimproof Videos: 30 Short Video Lessons
  • Victimproof Teacher’s Guide: 30 Lesson Plans
  • Live Victimproof Webcasts with Tom Thelen
  • Bullying Prevention Plan Downloads
  • Anti-Bullying Poster Downloads and More

A Message From Tom:

Hi Everybody! Here’s a photo of the people I love the most: my wife Casie and our four great kids. When we got married back in 2003, I had no idea how awesome of an adventure we’d be living today. Through the years one truth has remained central: I believe the nuclear family is the absolute foundation of society. There’s nothing that shapes us more (for better or for worse) than the homes we live in.

My core message is all about taking personal responsibility. Each of us needs to look in the mirror and start making the tough choices needed to grow our character. There’s always room for improvement! When we stop blaming other people and other circumstances for our present reality, that’s when we take a giant leap toward becoming what I call “victimproof.”

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Anti Bullying Speaker. Author of Victimproof

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  • #Bullying and #Resilience Assemblies today at Bruneau Elementary and Grandview Elementary in Idaho. A big thank you to Superintendent Ryan Cantrell for booking my program again (3rd time). It’s an honor!
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