5 Reasons to Book Tom Thelen »

Tom Thelen, author of Victimproof, has spoken at over 700 schools and youth conferences teaching students, educators, and parents how to respond to bullying and how to “Be The Change!” Tom is a high-impact communicator with a message that touches the heart and makes students laugh. His speech creates a defining moment for audiences of all ages.

Tom was never into drugs or drinking, so his message doesn’t come from a negative perspective. Instead, he shows students how one teacher stepped in and helped him break free from the victim mindset. Through her guidance, he learned how to make positive choices and build strong character. As a speaker, Tom does not use harsh language or speak on the topics of religion, politics, or sexuality.

Rather than the typical “Don’t be a bully!” message, Tom shows students how to prevent bullying from the inside-out. It starts by becoming “Victimproof,” which means you might get bullied, but you don’t have to be a victim. T-shirts and banners alone might raise awareness about bullying, but they rarely make a lasting impact. So we have to do so much more than simply “raise awareness.” We have to motivate students to change from the inside-out by teaching positive character traits like honesty respect, responsibility, and self-esteem. That’s how they become “Victimproof.”

Tom has the most extensive follow-up program of any national youth speaker today. Every school receives a free copy of the Victimproof Book, DVD, and Teacher’s Guide with 30 video lessons for students. Schools can also upgrade to the Victimproof.org Online Program which creates a year-round social-emotional learning program for all students, parents, and educators.

Groups that book a live presentation are eligible for a 40% Off Coupon Code for https://nobullyingschools.com. No Bullying Schools is an evidence-based program for preventing bullying and creating a positive school culture. It includes a Bullying Reporting App for students with a corresponding Bullying Tracking Software for administrators to track and manage bullying incidents.