5 Reasons to Book Tom Thelen »

Tom Thelen is the founder of No Bullying Schools and the author of three books for students including the 2020 release: Mental Health 101 For Teens: Practical Skills and Strategies for a Healthy Mindset. Tom has spoken at over 800 schools and conferences around the world with a message on bullying prevention, mental health, and positive school culture. Tom is a high-impact communicator with a message that touches the heart and makes students laugh. His speech creates a defining moment for audiences of all ages.

Tom was never into drugs or drinking, so his message doesn’t come from a negative perspective. Instead, he shows students how one teacher stepped in and helped him break free from the victim mindset. Through her guidance, he learned how to make positive choices and build strong character. As a speaker, Tom does not use harsh language or speak on the topics of religion or politics. Instead, he teaches universal positive values that we all agree on.

Tom’s message shows kids the difference between bullying, teasing, and peer conflict, and it inspires them to get help from a trusted adult, so they too can become RESILIENT!  His program gives them practical strategies for developing emotional intelligence and mental health skills, making it applicable to everyone in the room. Tom challenges each of us to “BE THE CHANGE” and speak up against bullying in a positive way.

1. Victimproof DVD Curriculum: Every live event booking includes one free copy of the Victimproof Book, DVD, and Teacher’s Guide with 30 short video lessons on Bullying, Respect, and more.

2. Discount Available for No Bullying Schools: You can also upgrade to our new evidence-based program: No Bullying Schools. This is a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for Bullying Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). It includes the groundbreaking Report Bullying Software for your school administrators to receive reports and track school culture. We are the only program in the world to automatically track the difference between All Reports and Confirmed Incidents (because not every Report should be considered a Confirmed Incident). Your students, parents, and teachers download our Report Bullying App and can submit confidential reports for any kind of incident, even beyond bullying. We also give you access to our growing library of Video Curriculum for the classroom with more than 40 Video Lessons on topics like Bullying, Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency, and more.

Groups that book a live presentation are eligible for a 40% Off Coupon Code for https://nobullyingschools.com. No Bullying Schools is an evidence-based program for preventing bullying and creating a positive school culture. It includes a comprehensive Anti-Bullying Video Curriculum, the Report Bullying Smartphone App for students, and the Report Bullying Software for school administrators to track and manage bullying incidents (and any other type of behavioral incident).