The Top 3 Obstacles to Setting Goals

If you’re confused, stressed out, or frustrated, it’s probably because you’re not setting great goals. You need a clear vision. You need a plan. Here are my top 3 obstacles to setting great goals (and how to overcome them). I even put them in this fancy-pants chart! Neato…


1. CONFUSION comes from goals that are both conflicting and blocked. When you’re confused, you don’t know what you want, much less how to get it. It’s confusing.

2. STRESS comes from conflicting goals. In this scenario, you have some goals in mind, but they’re in conflict with each other. It’s impossible to achieve them all at the same time. “Part of me feels this way…, but the other part of me feels that way.” You’re pulled in different directions. It’s stressful.

3. FRUSTRATION comes from blocked goals. You know what you want, but you just can’t get it. Something or someone (often yourself) is stopping you. It’s like the kid who wants the cookies on top of the fridge but just can’t have them. The goal is out of reach. it’s frustrating.

4. VISION (on the other hand) comes from goals that are both clear and planned. One of the most profound questions in life is “What do I want?”  This is a soul searching question, and it takes time. As you explore this question, you start to get clarity. Then the next question becomes, “How can I achieve it?”  This is where so many people stop because the goal seems out of reach.

For me the secret is to simply take the first step.

Almost all goals seem impossible at the beginning, so don’t get stuck in the trap of figuring it all out. Just take the first step. Many times you won’t understand Step 2 until Step 1 is completed. So stop worrying about steps 2, 3, 4, and 5! You’ll get bogged down.

One year from now, will you still be confused, stressed out, and frustrated? I hope not. I am always surprised at how much I can achieve when I simply take the first step toward achieving a great goal. I think you will be too.

So determine your first step, and then take it.