How to Respond to Cyberbullying
education, cyberbullying and people concept - sad student boy with on laptop computer at home suffering of bullying

How to Respond to Cyberbullying

We all know that the internet emboldens students to be mean online. So how do you respond to cyberbullying without stooping to their level? In this video blog post, I describe the top ten ways to end cyberbullying. (more…)

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Setting Boundaries With Bullies
School psychologist analyzing the teenager's behavior during workshops

Setting Boundaries With Bullies

Do you really have to be bullied by the words and opinions of other people? In this video post about bullying, I explain two positive ways students can respond without giving power to the bully. Ultimately bullying is about power. They might try to take it from you, but you don’t have to give it to them. (more…)

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What is Bullying?
Teenage Boy Being Bullied At School

What is Bullying?

“He’s bullying me!”  “She’s bullying me!!”  On many school campuses, the term “bullying” has become more of a joke than a real accusation. The term is used so often that it loses its power. As a full time anti-bullying speaker, I help students understand the real meaning of what is bullying? (more…)

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What it Means to be Victimproof

I’ve recently released my second book entitled Victimproof – How I Learned to Overcome Bullying. Since “Victimproof” is a made up word, people are always asking me what it means. I always summarize it by saying, “You can’t control whether or not you get bullied, but you CAN control whether or not you become a victim.” (more…)

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How I Became Victimproof

It’s easy to think that people have always been who they are today. The cool kids have always been cool. The bullies have always been bullies. But it’s not true. The bullies of today might have been the victims of yesterday. This video tells the story of how I moved from being a victim of bullying to becoming a bully myself (and at the time I didn’t even realize it). And ultimately it tells how I broke free from my hurts and became victimproof. (more…)

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